I'm Omar Sinbawy

Former architect turned design entrepreneur. Currently running The Present Pixel design studio. Addicted to everything related to culture and art & design. Lost between notes of music and philosophy.


1986 - 2003

Cairo, Egypt – Birth place and where I joined forces with Pharoahs.

2003 - 2012

Beirut, Lebanon – Studying Architecture and being immersed in the world of design.

2012 - 2013

London, UK – The beginning of freelancing in web and graphic design and breaking free from the corporate world.

2013 - 2020

Paris, France – Developing my freelance design business into a business structure and opening The Present Pixel digital design studio.


Barcelona, Spain – Looking to open up and help creative or non-creative individuals to succeed, be inspired and to explore meaningful creative subjects.


Slide q Memento Mori

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