Introduction to notes of Omar

Introduction to notes of Omar

It was a calm rainy day when the decision was born … In a state of reflection under the influence of classical music, the pen has come to my fingertips and the notes have started to flow through me. It has come to my observation that music resembles our lives in many different ways.

‘’Could it be that our lives are like songs and our actions are the notes that make them?’’

Imagine for a second if we had to put our actions on to a record player and press play. How would the totality of our actions sound? Stop for a moment and reflect … What type of songs are we creating every day?

‘’The song my heart yearns to create … is full of notes that might bring light or inspiration into the world.’’

Hence the decision to share my creative expressions, writings, stories, art, and music through a series of notes and diaries. I wish to bring you meaningful subjects that we can continue to explore together. After all, whether we see it or not … we are all playing in the same orchestra.

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